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The singing of carols at Christmas is important to the Choir especially as there is a strong tradition of singing local carols in South Yorkshire. The Choir plays its part in ensuring that the tradition continues by involving itself in concerts, carol services and impromptu sings around the South Yorkshire area.

Christmas 1982 heralded the publication of the Choir's "Blue Book" entitled "The Joy of Christmas" a collection of words and music of the very best of local and traditional carols. The "Blue Book" has been sold in its thousands, as far a field as the USA and Australia.

The latest edition uses the same numbering for the original carols as in the first edition. Additional carols have been included in the publication. The book also includes information about the Choir and there are copies of several Choir photographs that have been retrieved from the ‘archives’. The carols are written in the SATB format.

The book is currently available at £10.00 per copy for the complete A4 version, or £3.00 per copy for the A5 Words only Version (See the order form for further details.).   Please tell your friends and other choristers about this publication; you will be pleased with the quality and content.   It is still very popular, with orders being received from all over the world.

To obtain copies, please complete our Order Form and send it to us along with your cheque. The address is shown on the order form.

Last Updated:    December 10, 2018